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The Joy of Ownership

Our Honda Plus Owner Comfort was specially designed to offer protection against damages not covered by insurance and help ensure that minor mishaps don't affect the enjoyment of your Honda. Now, the only thing that's uncertain is where your next adventure will take you.

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Dent & Ding Protection

Minor dings and dents are repaired using the paintless dent removal process, protecting your vehicle's factory finish.

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Windshield Repair Protection

Minor chips and cracks on the front windshield are repaired. If a replacement is required, we will pay up to $500 of your comprehensive vehicle insurance deductible.

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Key Fob Replacement

If your key fob is damaged or lost -- or you just need a new battery - we will cover the cost of replacement and reprogramming at your Honda dealer.

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Rip, Tear, Burn & Stain Protection

Minor rips, tears or burns to your seat's upholstery will be repaired and stains cleaned.

The Convenience of Owner Comfort

No deductible. No out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Ideal for both lease and finance customers.
  • Multiple coverage terms available to suit your ownership needs.
  • Repairs and replacements can be made at any time during your contract term.

Owner Comfort Program Costs



24 months


30 months


36 months


40 months


48 months


60 months


72 months


84 months


Questions about Claims? Call your Honda Dealer or 1-800-663-1708. Prices in effect as of September 1, 2020 and subject to change without notice.

We've Got You Covered

  • Lost, stolen or damaged key fobs can be replaced or reprogramed at any Honda dealer in Canada
  • Minor windshield cracks and chips up to 2" repaired
  • Minor dents and dings up to 2" in diameter if repairable by the PDR process (paintless dent repair)
  • Repair to vehicle's seats from rips, tears and burns
Exceptional Coverage

Coverage Type


Repair Chips & Cracks on Front Windshield


Windshield Replacement Comprehensive Ins. Reimbursement

Up to $500

Key Fob Replacement

Up to $900 per year

Paintless Dent & Ding Repair

Up to $150 per occurrence


Up to $300 per occurrence

*Refer to the coverage details for a complete list of benefits. Contact your dealer for complete coverage details.

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