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Protect Your Vehicle

Additional Protection Products Improve the lifespan of your vehicle

Take that extra step to ensure you can enjoy your Honda for many years to come. Please talk to one of our Clarenville Honda employees about how you can take advantage of these options to protect your Honda.

Fabric Protector

  • Unique clear formula applied under pressure to the fabric, forming a waterproof soil-repellent coating. Liquid spills on the seats of your vehicle will bead up making it easy to wipe up without staining.
  • Professional application with the proper spray equipment assures thorough protection coverage.

Leather and Vinyl Protector

  • A clear flexible coating professionally applied to synthetic vinyl or natural leather, prevents fading due to ultraviolet rays. It also protects against moisture absorption and mildew build-up.
  • Combined with Pro-Tech Seal maintenance products, this protector will add extra life and beauty to your vehicles interior. It will also add years of life to your fabrics by reducing fibre friction.

Paint Sealant

  • This professionally-applied formulation adds a resilient, transparent, high-gloss finish to the modern two-coat paint systems (clear coat / color coat), making it resistant to extreme weather conditions, the sun's ultraviolet fading, and surface oxidation due to acid rain and industrial fallout. It also eliminates the need for monthly waxing to maintain a surface lustre.
  • With normal hand washing and the use of the Pro-Tech Seal maintenance products to remove baked on road dirt and wash detergent build-up, your car will maintain its original sealed new paint lustre.

Rust Inhibitor

  • The Rust Inhibitor forms a clear, waterproof, acid-resistant cover that protects your vehicle's body panels from the inside out against rust corrosion. It creates no mess, no odour, and is not harmful to electrical motors, circuits or switches.
  • Professionally applied with tested, high-pressure equipment through a capillary-action mist that completely coats all inner surfaces of your vehicle's body panels - even into seams and crevices.

Sound Guard Undercoat

Made from neoprene, ashphaltic gums, liquid penitrents, and special additives for superior adhesion and resilience, Sound Guard Undercoat will not crack peel or blister. It forms a barrier against body corrosion, road dirt abrasion, dust penetration, and absorbs up to 75% of common road noise.

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